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Hulunbuir (Mongolian:; Chinese: 呼伦贝尔; Pinyin: Hūlúnbèi'ěr) is a region that is governed as a prefecture-level city in northeastern Inner Mongolia, in the People's Republic of China.The name of the city is a combination of the names of the two sister lakes-the hulun lake and the buir lake in the region. Its administrative center is located at Hailar District, its largest urban area. Until October 10, 2001, Hulun Buir was administered as a League. The area is 263,953 km2 (101,913 sq mi) and population 2.710 million as of 2004, while the gross domestic product was RMB 21.326 billion. The jurisdiction area of the city is actually larger than many Chinese provinces (and 42 U.S. states), and Hulun Buir is recognized as the largest city in the world by area, although the actual urban agglomeration is just a very small part of the region, and the average population density of the area is very low. Major scenic features are the high steppes of the Hulun Buir grasslands, the Hulun and Buir lakes (the latter partially in Mongolia), and the Khingan range. Hulun Buir borders Russia, Mongolia, Heilongjiang province and Hinggan League. Historically, the eastern part of the area is also known as Barga.

Tourism Resources

There are many cultural sites and historical relics, of which the Gaxian cave and the site of Heishantou ancient town have been confirmed as national important historical relics under state protection. Hulunbuir is famous for its beautiful grasslands as well as its abundance in both natural resources such as forests, rivers, lakes, snow and ice, and its cultural traditions of the Mongolian, Ewenki, Oroqen, Daur and Russian ethnic groups. The major tourist scenic spots are the Huhnor Grassland, the Xishan National forest park, the Hulun lake, the Sino-Russian Mutually Beneficial Trade Market and the Phoenix Mountain. Hulunbuir and Zhalantun,a town under jurisdiction of Hulunbuir, were both honored with the title “China’s Excellent Tourism City” in 2003.


Manzhouli, another city in Hulunbuir at the juncture of China, Russia and Mongolia, is the largest land port linking Russia and Europe as well as an important passage way for crossborder tours between china and Russia. The city was honored with the title “China’s Excellent Tourism City” in 2003.

Welcome to Hulunbuir

The prairie resembles a concretionary sea. The Yimin River flowing through it is a jade belt. Holy Obo concentrate noble sentiments. Neat yurts, home in your dream, galloping horses carry the sturdy love. Flaming campfire fuels warm and romantic feeling not to arouse for quite a long time. Walk on the land of Hulunber, with the sweep of Mongolia wind. Look at the seamless connection between blue sky and grassland, enjoy the mix of white clouds and pastoral songs, feel the touch of hearts to the sounds of nature. The setting sun, the grassland, and you, are all indulged in the melodious sounds of Horse Head…Once you come here, you heart will never heave. Wherever you are, when you think of Hulunber, your eyes will become clear like crystal sky, your heart will soft like the grass. In you dream, you are smiling on the horse, melodious music on string instrument...